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“You don’t find art only in the museum....”
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Kouroupis Art, Koutouloufari, Crete, Greece
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Authentic ceramics by Manolis Patramanis made on Crete, Greece
From ancient times, every civilisation has produced pottery and ceramics in varying forms, for cooking, for storage, and later for decoration. Crete and Greece are no exception, and the Minoans left a wealth of remains including those huge ‘pithari’ that you can see at Knossos, these are actually so large that, as yet, no one has discovered how they managed to remove anything from them!

In these modern times we rely less on pottery and so many ceramic artists are more concerned with decorative items , taking inspiration from classical forms and more recently from Byzantine art, our local craftsmen produce a wide range of objects.

On this page we show work by some of our artists, from Crete, the mainland, and other islands,just follow the links (which open in new windows/tabs) to see more examples of their work.

Still one of our most popular artists, Manolis Patramanis was born on Crete and studied in Xania.....More

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